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was stabbed during a dispute with another young man in colombia. we are live at police headquarters. i understand there has been under arrest in this case. >> one person is in custody, charged with murder charges. police arrested a trend to figure out what the suspect and we but some are fighting over. they say it was not gang-related or drug related. >> we say kids have to resort to the gun and knife club. i grew up with you had to use your fists. >> but that is not have the score was settled. 18-year-old xavier bates and 16-year-old hall got into a fight. bates came to call's home and forced his way into the apartment. >> the teenager was taken to the hospital and pronounced dead. >> it is terrible. it is awful. you cannot replace a life.
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>> we believe there was a personal dispute, not anything gang-related or drug-related, some sort of argument that resulted in the stabbing. >> bates jump on his bicycle and pedaled home. a family member drove him to the hospital for an injured hand. >> well family members were at the hospital because of the victim picked death, the suspect came to the hospital with an injury to his hand. he was able to be arrested at the hospital. >> i am kind of in all about the situation. -- in awe about the situation. it is not a regular pattern. unfortunately, it is getting progressively worse. >> tonight, the suspect is still between -- still behind bars, awaiting his bond hearing. wbal-tv 11 news. >> the medical examiner's office
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not -- office has also ruled the death of a howard county toddler as a homicide. it parent called the police to report that the boy was not breathing. police say there were no signs of foul play. after further testing, police ruled the death they: -- a homicide. there is still no word on how exactly the child was killed. a man is pleading guilty to involuntary manslaughter. he confessed to pushing an engineering student back into the inner harbor in the summer of 2008. he was originally charged with first-degree murder. dozens of city residents turned out to here from baltimore's madoff candidates. four a hopefuls turned out to talk about taxes and education. >> i would hire a few new police officers to keep money in the department of recreation. we cannot have 86 city based
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solely on enforcement efforts. we have to invest in prevention and deterrents and alternative activities for young people. >> if we do have more schools, i think we need to go back to vocational education, so that people can learn skills so they can have jobs and do jobs. >> i simply stop doing bad deals, start acting in our best interests. if we give money for resources for jobs for baltimore residents, we make sure that happens. >> we have to extend the first- time home buyers program. we have to look at making sure that people in our neighborhoods understand they can take advantage of those kinds of programs. we have to make sure we create a financing program for those who have very difficult times getting mortgages. >> step and the rollins blake told us she would take part in the forums, but a scheduling conflict prevented her from
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attending tonight's discussion. latebreaking news from washington. a bill to raise the debt ceiling has been postponed for the night. it is a sign house republicans are struggling to bring conservatives in their own party aboard with the boehner plan. conservatives claim it does not cut enough. but democrats do not like the idea of reforming entitlement programs or the thought of another vote to raise the debt ceiling next year. if congress allows a default, you will definitely be affected. a failure to find a compromise will mean higher interest rates on things like car loans and mortgages, if you can get them, lower dollar value, and possible delays in social security payments. >> if it costs the government more to borrow money, it costs companies more. it costs individuals more. that means people and companies will have less money to hire or
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to spend. that is bad for the economy overall. >> even if a deal is reached, economists speculate damage is already done with the possibility of the country's credit rating being lowered. the year to raise the debt ceiling could also have a negative impact on the number of foreclosures. if the government goes into default, higher interest rates could mean more trouble for some homeowners. >> the debt ceiling, if it is not raised, is going to raise interest rates. home affordability becomes an issue. that could escalate foreclosures. >> the drop right now could have more to do with delays in the process rather than an improving economy. some of us will have to find new places to milk packages and letters. cuts will shut down dozens of local post offices. thousands are expected to shut down across the country and about 40 in the maryland area. with e-mail and billing,
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technology is changing the way we do business. some residents say the closures will definitely be an inconvenience. >> certified mail. the pickup -- you have to come here and pick up packages. now will have to go all the way downtown to pick up my certified mail. >> communities that lose a post office will not lose their zip codes. postal officials plan to reassign workers. a final decision on closures will be announced after the public has had a chance to comment. that is expected to come later this year. you can see the post offices that could close on our website, click on slide shows. as you probably know, today was the first official day of training camp for the ravens. who better to catch up with and the superstar linebacker?
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purple friday back on? >> back on for friday and a lot of friday's to follow. monday it will be harder to remember -- one day it will be hard to remember how long baltimore has had the ribbons. the 15th season begins with a new look on offense, but the same anchor on defense. john fired up early. collective bargaining would limit the number of today practices. instead, the ribbons had a three hour afternoon practice to kick things off today. rayless ready to go from the first whistle. -- ray lewis ready to go from the first whistle. a lot of the younger players looked fatigued. lewis continues to deny age, gravity, and the laws of physics. the training camp has started and he wants the younger players to learn how to pick up the pace. >> there is no training that
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will get you ready for football except football. you have to react to everything on the move. nothing is predetermined. when you see the way we bounce around, you have to be excited. you have to be excited about where we are going. >> as the roster continues to evolve, we will tell you the latest on the former fixture who is playing inside the capital beltway. >> bge does not anticipate a change in service during the high temperatures tomorrow, but they are calling customers to warn plans may change in an emergency. thousands went without air- conditioning last week when the company is enacted emergency conservation without warning. >> officials say their peak rewards program helps avoid black cuts in service, but it also caught a lot of customers
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off guard. last friday, one of the hottest days of the year, we received dozens of e-mails from people complaining that bge had turned off their air conditioning. >> it kept getting warmer and warmer. >> a miserable day. >> it was frustrating and hot. we tried to call bge, but they were saying if it is not an emergency do not try. >> it turns off the -- turns up the shot off was because of an emergency activation of the peak rewards program, a voluntary program to alleviate strain on the system during times of high demand. it means they will cycle your air-conditioning on and off depending on need. customers who previously had experience lower levels of activation, meaning they did have some air conditioning throughout an event, did not have any for this particular event if they enrolled at the 100% level. >> the e-mails we received were
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from angry customers complaining they were given no warning. officials say 450,000 customers are enrolled in peak rewards. after friday, about 5000 drop out or changed their participation level. they say the program did what it was designed to do, but in reaction to complaints, they rowboat called -- boro -- robocalled customers. >> we do want to remind our customers that that program exists for a reason. it exists to help us keep the system balance. there is always a possibility the program might be triggered. >> it turns out the johnson family we interviewed was not even enrolled in pete rewards. there was some kind of mix up. others may have signed up years ago and did not remember the last emergency activation four years ago. wbal-tv 11 news. >> it looks like another hot
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friday tomorrow. a heat advisory is in effect across the region. a warm front moving through tonight. >> exclusive new details on a cloud of controversy surrounding the fire department. it is much deeper than the recent cheating scandal. >> i woke up and saw a figure in our hotel bedroom. i thought i was dreaming and realized immediately someone had been in the room. >> a popular game show host found himself in jeopardy. the altercation that landed at alex trebek
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>> longtime game show host alec trebek will undergo surgery for an injury he received while chasing a thief. he was in his hotel room and was
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awakened by the sound of an intruder. he went to investigate and when he saw the woman -- >> she came out of the little room where the ice machine is. i said what were you doing in our room. she said, "i was visiting friends." i said, "know you were not." the chase left him with a ruptured achilles' tendon. he will be in a test for the next six weeks. what suspect is now being held on $625,000 bail? 821-year-old salter is behind bars, accused of plotting an attack -- soldier is behind bars, accused of plotting an attack on fort hood. a gun store owner called police after the soldier acted suspiciously and asked to many questions. it was the same store where army major hassan bought the gun used in the 2009 port hood attacks.
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this man bought enough materials to build two bombs. >> military personnel were the target. we would be giving you a different briefing had he not been stopped. >> officials say abdu wanted to get out of the service because he was a muslim. he said he plotted the attack was revenge for the u.s. army getting involved in iraq and the afghanistan. workers began construction today in front of the world trade center building downtown. the structure will honor the thousands of lives lost during the 911 attacks. it includes special materials. >> the idea for the marble is to create a dignified resting place for the steel. the steel is 22 feet long, three pieces of twisted steel from the north tower of the world trade center. we are laying it down on this
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marble so that it has a dignified place. >> the monument will bear the names of the 68 maryland years -- marylanders killed on 9/11. it will open the september 11. a lot of controversy surrounding the city fire academy. sources to come forward with new complaints beyond cheating. they could cost the academy its accreditation. more on the exclusive story we first broke on >> in march 2010, a routine yearly audit discovered record discrepancies. the agency surprised her medics and the antis. they put the fire academy on provisional status. it allowed the economy to operate for a year until the discrepancies were involved. if not, the economy was in
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danger of losing its accreditation. officials did not completely respond to the audit. in the past year, the received other complaints about the economy. according to a source familiar with the investigation, these concerns alleged as many as five instructors got paid for overtime hours they did not work. and certified instructors continue to teach classes. at least two cadets were allowed to take exams even though they had failed twice, which is against department policies. supervisors bullied subordinates. the lack of a complete response to the audit, coupled with a slew of new complaints, prompted the state agency to send an ultimatum level, -- letter, which said the economy could lose its accreditation. meanwhile, a source familiar with the investigation is providing more information.
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the source says a piece of paper was found in one of the classrooms prior to the exam. stamped on it were the words confidential 2006 draft. it included a trauma situation similar to testing materials. some question if the document was such an egregious breach. investigators for the fire marshal's office are showing this paper to the academy employees, asking if they have seen it before. an academy instructor singled out earlier in the probe is being used as a scapegoat. the instructor is accused of ordering a fellow trainer with the same rank to type up test answers and distribute them to cadets. the source called the accusation untrue and said the city fire marshal's office is examining the computers. >> the investigator was associated with the cheating incident in name only. but trainer sign the test, as required by their rank.
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the source says the instructor was not in the room when the confidential document was found, nor when the test was given. >> and now, your forecast, with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> storms tracking toward the pennsylvania line and parts of the eastern shore. some lightning showing up at times. thunderstorms down to center phil and -- centerville and denton. there are more showers coming out of western pennsylvania that could clip the area in the overnight. another strong warm front is set to move through. it was even hotter on the other side of this front. check out the highs across this region. it was 91 and bwi marshall, but only the 70's and 80's throughout new england. we were at 95 to 100 as you head
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out to st. louis. there is some heat on the other side of this front. there is the official numbers from bwi marshall today. we did manage to dip below 70 for the first time in a weakened a half. but it will be warm and muggy tomorrow morning. 12 consecutive days of temperatures of 90 or higher. the longest streak of 90 degree plus days -- 25 in a row in 1995. we have a ways to go to get to that record, but there are more on the way. 73 hagerstown. 86 around college park's. very hot air from the south and west. that will be pushing ne as early as tomorrow morning. when will be like out of the south. partly cloudy. warm and muggy friday morning.
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that sets the stage for a drizzly afternoon -- for a muggy afternoon. the heat index tomorrow afternoon could reach 110. bone dry with the heat in texas. that is what tropical storm don my be good news. if it does not too strong, they will love it in texas. they are running a foot below normal precipitation in western texas. the storm is set to make landfall late tomorrow night or early saturday morning. around here tomorrow, and evening storm is possible. 106 to 101, with the heat index below that. a thunderstorm late in the day tomorrow. around the bay, we could approach the 100 degree mark. if you're headed to ocean city,
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it is going to be warm tomorrow. temperatures will cool a little bit with only 20% chance of a storm saturday and sunday. a hot one tomorrow. still hot, but not quite as hot saturday and sunday. lots of sunshine on sunday. >> raiders' training camp begins with the head coach already feeling he has to play catch-up.
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>> 11 sports with gerry sandusky. >> the ravens will begin the preseason and we will see change up to kickoff. chris chester, who spent the first five years of his career with the ravens, has signed with the washington redskins. the training camp lacks the fanfare of fans. following the exit of direct basin and tom heath and a lack of off-season practice seasons, there will be a rift between rookies and veterans. some young guys show promise. other draft picks and unsigned free agents are just trying to find their way.
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smith is struggling out of practice today. those struggles will continue for young players this year. >> it was a good practice. but we have a long way to go in a very short time. the up side of that is so do a lot of other teams. >> the people that will be affected the most will be the young guys. they do not have the time and the opportunity anymore to really grasp those things. everything is fast. if you are not a great study here, you fall behind. if you are a quick -- are not a quick learner, you fall behind. >> jimmy smith remains the only pick from the draft class who has not signed a contract. john reed signed his deal to date and reported to practice. they hope to finalize the deal with smith tomorrow. he cannot afford to miss the preseason. we expect to see nfl bets on the
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move this summer. this one leaves you shaking your head. the patriots have reportedly pulled off a deal to acquire ocho cinco. the receiver now plays for the ultimate personalityless coach. sinco will likely have to tone down his act. a new setting awaits eagles quarterback kevin cobb as well, going to arizona. they traded eight second round pick quarterback. the $64 million, $21 million guaranteed. a lot of money. considering the orioles still have 51 games left and another very long season, might i suggest for the sake of your
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sanity adopting a buddhist philosophy? do not get attached to results. attachment will lead to pain. the orioles lose and a streak -- lose an eigth -- and a eighth consecutive game in toronto. a solo home run in first to give an early lead, but it does not last. tied at 2-2 in the third, encarnacion put toronto in front. andino pops up shallow right to adam lind to end the inning. great play by the blue jays. 8-5 the final. it does not get easier as the orioles had to a series with the yankees.
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>> a heat advisory tomorrow with temperatures near 100. >> take it easy and check on your pets. thank you for joining us.
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